Bare lust in the frantic storm

Crushed the petals of the moon

That lay upon the rocks beneath

Their writhing bodies did beseech

Her mercy from their love.

From Their worship of the Goddess rose

A wanton symphony of moans

Delirious with a thousand visions

Of her beauty as foretold.

Languid pools, her gaze did fall,

Upon their writhing bodies whole

Immortal raptures left them breathless

Weeping for their souls.

They knelt before their Goddess just

And prayed for their redemption thus

And neath the ever shimmering hills

Majestic curves and slithering limbs

They felt the longing from their souls

For freedom from her mortal folds.

Medusa they did cry in vain

As man to stone, desire enchained

Upon the rocks beneath her gaze

Did lay entwined, till none remained.

© 2015 Christina Thom